RESET is the go-to outerwear brand to inspire and enable Urban Citizens on the move.
Consistently offering smart, high quality urban outerwear that helps you embrace the day-to-day
elements. Allowing you to move freely through your day.

The notorious changeable Dutch weather and active lifestyle of the Urban Citizen have been
our inspiration from day one. This left no room for shortcuts. And so it began. 
We have never overcomplicated what we do. In fact, we have always kept things quite simple. 
From our designs to our mission: To make high quality, smartly designed outerwear to help you
embrace the daily elements.

We set out working with good stuff only; from Poly’s and RDS approved processes to the best
suppliers. After years of honing an perfecting our craft, we believe it is safe to say: 
We mastered the art of Urban Outerwear. 

Made to embrace the elements. 
Real, day to day elements.
Weather is a mindset.