Pants We Love – the slogan sounds like a promise. Yet it is so much more. In fact, it is a commitment. After all, for more than 90 years, ALBERTO’s creative studios have been experimenting with designs and materials to come up with stunning cuts, styles and functions. So what is the benefit of this wealth of experience? A perfect symbiosis of creativity and perfectionism. A young, fashionable twist comprised of bold experiments and supreme fashion know-how.

An idea transferred to fabrics

It takes about 40 steps to make every pair of ALBERTO pants. Each pair of trousers consists of no fewer than 36 individual components, which are assembled with great precision. Moreover, every pair gives the person who wears it that unique feeling of being custom tailored “just for me.” It’s always been like that and we will keep this tradition alive. At ALBERTO, we embrace perfectionism as a given because it is in our genes. The legend is alive – now being maintained by the forth generation of the founding family, with the fifth already gearing up for the role it will play. In 1922, Dr. Albert Dormanns laid the foundation stone for this success story as he was standing in the vacant building that had previously housed his since deceased grandfather’s fabric plant.